Forming Lives, has provided quality life-skills training since 1999. During this time, over 4.3 million students have been taught this curriculum as a regular school subject, PreK-12.

The PreK-12thgrade program is a scope and sequence curriculum consisting of 29 weekly lessons, designed to be used over the course of a school year. Student workbooks are age and grade appropriate. Depending on the school, lessons can be taught once a week in a 45-60- minute class or a few minutes each day.

The material encompasses identity, health, social studies, sexuality, gender, economics, civics, sociology, geography, environment, community and anthropology designed in a deductive format to stimulate student participation. Acceptance and respect of all social classes, race, gender, ethnic and religious groups are taught. Forming Lives targets the whole person, using positive peer pressure in the language of the students, to respond to today’s challenges.

Forming Lives curriculum has a measurable impact on student behavior, attitude, and academic performance. This has reduced class disciplinary actions, creating a better learning environment.