The Curriculum

Forming Lives’ curriculum, My Best Me, creates an educational team between the parent, teacher, and student. This enables teachers to instruct in a non-combative environment where students become equally dedicated to their own success. My Best Me is taught in one-weekly session or several mini-sessions throughout the week.

The program is a scope and sequence, age appropriate curriculum, consisting of 29 weekly lessons. Emotional Intelligence delivered in a scope and sequence method means that students learn complex emotional and decision making processes in the same manner as they learn to read and write. To learn more about our curriculum please visit

Online Training

Teachers receive web-based training prior to using the program. This ensures that they understand how the curriculum works and how to personalize it for their class. Through the teacher portal, teachers are provided a unique login and teacher key. Once logged into the teacher portal, teachers can customize the information they view. Access to guidebooks,  the student workbook, and the parent communication lessons are all located in one spot. Forming Lives is a teacher directed program. Teachers are encouraged to leave feedback through the teacher portal using a 60 second online form which takes about one to two-minutes. The feedback teachers provide is used to improve future workbooks.

“Most importantly, the topics within workbooks start discussions. Our staff develops close relationships with students. Students form bonds within the team environment. The curriculum opens some tough conversations between teams (teachers and students) that may not come up otherwise.”

—Jennifer L, Oklahoma City